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John Wick: Chapter 5 – Everything We Know So Far



John Wick 5

In 2014, we were introduced to a vengeful widower named John Wick, a retired assassin brought back into the dangerous world of contract killing after the brutal murder of his puppy and the theft of his beloved car.

Little did we know that this film, driven by Keanu Reeves’ magnetic performance, would kickstart not only a “Keanussaince” but also the most exhilarating action franchise of the 21st century.

With each installment, the JW series has consistently upped the ante and quality, immersing us further into the captivating universe of The Continental and the High Table.

The Legacy of John Wick:

The franchise, often lauded for its innovative action sequences and meticulous world-building, has become a benchmark for excellence in modern action cinema.

The fourth installment, John Wick 4, showcased a spectacular top-down dragon’s breath set piece reminiscent of classic video games like Hong Kong Massacre and Hotline Miami.

However, it left audiences on a surprisingly poignant and somber note, setting the stage for the highly anticipated John Wick: Chapter 5.

Is John Wick 5 in the works?

The status of JW 5 has become uncertain. Although there was initial confirmation, director Chad Stahelski is now unsure about its development.

In an interview with Empire Magazine, Stahelski mentioned that he currently lacks a definitive take on the project, but Lionsgate is interested in expanding the JW franchise.

He expressed the possibility of waking up with a new idea for the film or collaborating with Keanu Reeves on a compelling concept.

While completing the fourth installment provided closure for the series, Stahelski acknowledged the appeal of exploring more John Wick stories. In an interview with Inverse in October 2023, he revealed having numerous ideas for John Wick 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 in his notebooks.

Stahelski emphasized the importance of a good story over a mere “cash grab” and left the possibility open for more John Wick movies, depending on the creative direction.

Franchise producer Basil Iwanyk offered a more optimistic update in November 2023, expressing belief in the likelihood of another John Wick movie, although details remained undisclosed. As of November 12, reports indicate that a script for John Wick 5 is currently in the writing process.

In summary, while there is uncertainty about the project, there are indications that John Wick 5 might still be in the works, with ongoing discussions and creative developments.

John Wick 5 Release Speculation:

Fans may unfortunately need to exercise patience before the release of the next mainline John Wick movie. The spin-off, Ballerina, led by Ana de Armas and set between Chapters 3 and 4, is scheduled for release on June 7, 2024.

Lionsgate boss Joe Drake, in May 2023, confirmed the spin-off and revealed ongoing development on three others, including John Wick 5, as well as the television series, The Continental, which is expected to air soon.

With these projects in the pipeline, the release of John Wick 5 is likely to be a few years away. The organic growth of the John Wick universe and the development of related stories will contribute to shaping the fifth movie.

Drake emphasized a regular cadence of John Wick content, suggesting a strategic and well-thought-out approach to expanding the franchise.

Considering these factors, it’s reasonable to assume that John Wick 5 may not hit theaters before 2025. However, for more precise release date information, stay tuned for updates as they become available.

John Wick 5 Cast:

The potential development of John Wick 5 has sparked excitement among fans, but it has also raised confusion due to the apparent conclusion of John Wick’s journey in the fourth installment.

The film even showed John Wick’s grave, suggesting his demise. However, speculation suggests that John Wick 5 might explore the intriguing concept of Baba Yaga faking his own death, a narrative twist not unfamiliar to the franchise.

In light of this, it is likely that Keanu Reeves will make a return for John Wick 5, challenging the notion of his character’s finality.

Additionally, there are speculations about the return of Ian McShane as Continental owner Winston and Laurence Fishburne as the Bowery King. These, however, remain unconfirmed rumors at the time of writing.

Director Chad Stahelski, in a tease to Empire Magazine, hinted that the concept of being “dead” may not be a definitive outcome for John Wick.

Stahelski emphasized that John Wick has endured worse injuries in the past, suggesting that the character’s resilience could lead to unexpected twists in the narrative.

As more details emerge, including casting announcements and official reveals, this section will be updated to provide fans with the latest information on John Wick 5. Stay tuned for further developments in the continuation of this action-packed franchise.

John Wick 5 Plot:

The conclusion of John Wick 4 seemingly suggested the character’s demise, but that doesn’t necessarily preclude his return for more action and adventure, including beating up adversaries and navigating roads and cities on horseback.

Director Chad Stahelski, in an interview with Empire, shared that while he currently lacks a specific vision, he remains open to creative ideas that could spark the urgency to develop John Wick 5.

Stahelski emphasized the need for freshness in the narrative, expressing a desire to introduce new scenes and action sequences that haven’t been explored in previous films.

He acknowledged the importance of evolving the story rather than repeating the same formula, highlighting the need for careful consideration and improvement in crafting the next installment.

Producer Basil Iwanyk also chimed in, suggesting that if another movie materializes, it will be akin to a different book in the series.

Iwanyk indicated a departure from the chronological continuation seen in the previous chapters, emphasizing the idea that the next John Wick installment would offer a unique and distinct experience rather than a mere extension of the previous narrative.

In summary, both Stahelski and Iwanyk hint at a potential return of John Wick with fresh ideas and a different approach, emphasizing the importance of innovation and evolution in the franchise.



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