Lambasingi – Outdated and boring

  																				 Lambasingi – Outdated and boring

Release Date : March 15, 2024 Rating : 1.5/5

Starring: Bharath Raj, Divi Vadthya, Vamsi Raj, Kittayya, Nikhil Raj, Janardhan, Anuradha, Madhavi, Naveenraj Sankarapu, Pramod, Ramana, Paramesh, Sandhya

Director: Naveen Gandhi

Producers: Anand Tanniru

Music Director: RR Dhruvan

Cinematographer: K Bujji

Editor: K Vijay Vardhan

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Lambasingi, the latest Telugu movie starring Jai Bharat Raj and Divi Vadthya in the lead roles, has hit the screens today. Delve into our review to know how it fared.



Veera Babu (Bharath Raj), a rookie police constable, is assigned to Lambasingi, an agency area in Andhra Pradesh, for his first posting. There, he becomes enamored with Haritha (Divi Vadthya). However, tensions escalate when Naxalites assassinate the local MLA. As Veera Babu delves deeper, he uncovers Haritha’s true identity and her mysterious past. Is she connected to the MLA’s murder? What actions will Veera Babu take next? The answers unfold in the narrative of the movie, revealing all the details.


Plus Points:

Divi Vadthya delivers an admirable performance in her role, showcasing versatility on her debut as a heroine. Her portrayal exhibits depth with fine shades, adding to the film’s entertainment value.

Actor Bharath Raj, on his debut, offers adequate moments throughout the movie. Additionally, a few songs composed by R R Dhruvan stand out for their quality.


Minus Points:

The storyline follows a familiar trajectory, lacking originality and failing to offer anything refreshing. Despite the potential for a compelling narrative, the screenplay falls short, becoming predictable and mundane.

Following a promising twist, the latter half of the film veers into a formulaic plot reminiscent of many successful movies. Lambasingi, a picturesque hill station in Andhra Pradesh, is inadequately depicted, missing an opportunity to capture its scenic beauty.

Furthermore, inconsistent lip-sync, particularly noticeable with Divi’s character, detracts from the overall viewing experience. Many characters are not well-designed, resulting in pale performances from the rest of the cast.


Technical Aspects:

While Naveen Gandhi’s concept shows promise, the execution of the storyline leaves much to be desired. A greater focus on refining the screenplay could have elevated the film’s impact.

The background score fails to leave a lasting impression, and K Bujji’s cinematography lacks the visual flair expected from such scenic settings. However, the editing is acceptable. The production values are satisfactory.



On the whole, Lambasingi fails to set itself apart from the multitude of similar narratives. Despite satisfactory performances by Jai Bharat Raj and Divi Vadthya and a few enjoyable musical moments, the film lacks originality, coherent storytelling, and robust character development. For those searching for engaging entertainment, exploring alternative options is strongly recommended. Rating: 1.5/5

Reviewed by 123telugu Team

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