Mukhya Gamanika – Boring to the core

  																				 Mukhya Gamanika – Boring to the core

Release Date : February 23, 2024 Rating : 1.5/5

Starring: Viran Muttamsetty, Lavanya Sahukara, Aryan Ippili, Chitram Basha and others

Director: Venu Muralidhar

Producers: Rajashekhar and Sai Krishna

Music Director: Kiran Venna

Cinematographer: Venu Muralidhar. V

Editor: Shiva Sarvani

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Allu Arjun’s cousin Viran Muttamsetty’s latest movie, Mukhya Gamanika released in theaters today. Check out our review to know how the film is.


Viran (Viran Muttamsetty), a police constable in Sadasivapeta, is driven to uncover the truth behind the sudden demise of his father, a Circle Inspector at the same station. As his investigation unfolds, he discovers potential links between his father’s death and the disappearance of another individual. This forms the crux of the narrative.

Plus Points:

The storyline attempts to weave two distinct narratives into a single plot, and the director tries his best.

Viran Muttamsetty delivers an okay performance, supported adequately by the rest of the cast.

Minus Points:

As highlighted earlier, the storyline attempts to address two significant themes: the insignificance of external beauty and the grim reality of human sacrifices. However, the plot falls short due to lackluster writing and inadequate execution, ultimately undermining its potential impact.

Viran’s character lacks depth and thus fails to create an impact as compared to other characters, notably RJ Purushottham’s.

Actors like Lavanya have limited screen time and fail to contribute significantly to the plot. And Aryan Ippili’s role could have been better.

Chitram Basha’s portrayal is unremarkable, and the sluggish screenplay is burdened by unnecessary scenes in both halves.

Technical Aspects:

Improved narrative and narration could have elevated Mukhya Gamanika as a better crime thriller, but the director’s vision falls short on-screen.

Technical aspects such as cinematography, editing, and production values are subpar, further detracting from the overall viewing experience.


On the whole, Mukhya Gamanika disappoints as a crime thriller, marred by a lackluster screenplay and uninspiring execution. Viewers can explore alternative entertainment options this week. Rating: 1.5/5

Reviewed by 123telugu Team

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