My Dear Donga – Telugu film on Aha

  																				  My Dear Donga – Telugu film on Aha

Release Date : April 19, 2024 Rating : 2.75/5

Starring: Abhinav Gomatam, Shalini Kondepudi, Divya Sripada, Nikhil Gajula

Director: B.S. Sarwagna Kumar

Producer: Maheshwar Reddy Gojala

Music Director: Ajay Arasada

Cinematographer: SS Manoj

Editor: Sai Murali

OTT platform Aha has released a new film, My Dear Donga. The film stars Abhinav Gomatam and Shalini Kondepudi in the lead roles. Let’s see how it is.


Sujatha (Shalini Kondepudi) works as a copywriter in a dating app. Her relationship with Varun (Nikhil Gajula) isn’t going smoothly. Sujatha feels she is being ignored by one and all, including her best friend, Bujji (Divya Sripada). This is when a robber named Suresh (Abhinav Gomatam) enters her life, and she feels connected to him. How a small time thief changed Sujatha’s life is what the film is about.

Plus Points:

Shalini is also the writer for My Dear Donga. More than a writer, she shines as an actor. Shalini Kondepudi has a neat screen presence and looks very comfortable in Sujatha’s role, mouthing her dialogues with ease. Her comedy timing is pretty good, as well.

The situational humor works very well in the initial portions of the film. Shalini is initially shell-shocked to see a robber in her house, and the scenes that come in this regard are natural and generate good fun. Abhinav Gomatam is doing unique roles off late, and he entertains us with his simple yet endearing performance in My Dear Donga.

Nikhil Gajula, who played Shalini’s boyfriend, is very impressive. Shalini getting close to Abhinav Gomatam makes him feel jealous, and the manner in which Nikhil expresses his frustration will bring a smile to our faces. Divya Sripada is decent in her role.

Minus Points:

The major complaint of today’s generation is getting ignored and not having anyone to talk to. Shalini touches upon this aspect, making the film relatable to youngsters. However, the movie doesn’t have the proper emotional depth to justify the core point, which is why it doesn’t reach the next level. The simple gestures of a robber make Shalini make crucial decisions in life. But there aren’t enough emotional moments in the plot, and hence, the film doesn’t look convincing.

The last twenty minutes aren’t handled well, and this is where the film lacks clarity. The situational comedy doesn’t land well in the latter half of the film, and one such example is the police station scene, which is poorly written and executed.

Initially, when Shalini’s character breaks the fourth wall (addressing viewers directly), it appears good, but the overuse of it dilutes the impact. Embedded marketing of brands is quite common in films, but in My Dear Donga, it has been overdone and will surely cause irritation at some point.

Technical Aspects:

Ajay Arasada’s music and background score are decent. SS Manoj’s cinematography is fine, and he neatly depicts the limited locations through his lens. The editing is sharp. The production values are decent.

B.S. Sarwagna Kumar’s direction is just okay. The simplistic nature of the plot without the emotional depth is the main drawback of the film. Shalini does well as a performer, but her writing could have been much better.


On the whole, My Dear Donga tries to address the issues in modern-day relationships in a light-hearted manner. The film’s theme, a few endearing moments, and short duration are its assets. Shalini Kondepudi, Abhinav Gomatam, and Nikhil Gajula are quite good in their roles. The humor is both a hit and miss. While a few fun portions click, a few don’t. The emotional scenes could have been portrayed better. If your expectations are set correctly, My Dear Donga will end up being a passable watch. Rating: 2.75/5

Reviewed by 123telugu Team

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