Tillu Square – Tillu’s magic works again

  																				 Tillu Square – Tillu’s magic works again

Release Date : March 29, 2024

123telugu.com Rating : 3.25/5

Starring: Siddhu Jonnalagadda, Anupama Parameswaran, Prince, Muralidhar Goud, Murali Sharma

Director: Malik Ram

Producers: Suryadevara Naga Vamsi, Sai Soujanya

Music Directors: Ram Miryala, Achu Rajamani, Bheems Ceciroleo

Cinematographer: Sai Prakash Ummadisingu

Editor: Navin Nooli

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Siddhu Jonnalagadda, as DJ Tillu, earned a special place in the hearts of audiences with his comedy timing and writing, allowing the makers to come up with its sequel, Tillu Square. The second installment is helmed by Mallik Ram, and Anupama Parameswaran played the leading lady. Amidst very good buzz, the movie has hit the screens today, and let’s see if it has lived up to the hype or not.


With the huge amount earned, Tillu (Siddhu Jonnalagadda) becomes an event organizer. His attitude and style doesn’t change a bit and Tillu instantly falls in love with Lilly (Anupama Parameswaran). He starts wooing Lilly from the moment he sees her, and again, he lands in a huge mess. How Tillu comes out of it forms the crux of the story.

Plus Points:

Films like DJ Tillu and Tillu Square majorly rely on the protagonist’s characterization, and the major challenge for the makers will be to get this aspect right. Tillu is one character which has struck a chord with the audience immensely, and it is very difficult to recreate the same magic. But the team passed the job with flying colors.

It is Siddhu’s show all the way without an iota of doubt. He is the main pillar of this Tillu franchise, and the audience will surely get entertained big time watching him. From the opening sequence, Siddhu grabs our attention with his one-liners, body language, and funny expressions. Siddhu has hit it out of the park with his fantastic comedy timing.

As Siddhu himself is the writer, he knows very well what audiences expect from him and plays it to the gallery. The second half is solid, with non-stop entertainment. The humor is evoked through quirky one-liners and trendy dialogues. Anupama Parameswaran is quite good in her bold role. She shared a solid chemistry with the protagonist and her character travels along with the hero throughout the movie just like Tillu Square’s predecessor. Muralidhar Goud, Prince Cecil, and other supporting cast are decent in their roles

Minus Points:

The sequel begins exactly where the first part ends. But after a neat start things slow down a bit in the first hour. The love track is packed with gags. While a few of them land well, a few don’t work as intended. This is a bit of lag in the story progression in the first half.

As mentioned above, movies like Tillu Square depend on characterization and not on the storyline. Those who expect a strong story might get disappointed a bit. A few scenes might give you a Deja Vu feeling since the story is more or less the same as the first part. The way a few aspects are dealt with looks silly. Murali Sharma’s character gets less screen time, and the final twist looks forced.

Technical Aspects:

The songs are integrated well with the narrative. Ram Miryala and Achu Rajamani did a good job with the songs, while the background score provided by Bheems Ceciroleo is in sync with the film’s quirky mood. The editing by Navin Nooli is decent. The cinematography by Sai Prakash is splendid, and the frames look colorful.

The production values are good, too. Coming to the director, Mallik Ram, he did a good job in narrating this familiar storyline in an entertaining manner. There are loopholes, but the team covered it up with humorous moments.


On the whole, Tillu Square is a neat sequel to DJ Tillu, with an abundant amount of entertainment. Siddhu as Tillu is the heart and soul of this madcap entertainer, and he will once again win over us with his amusing comedy timing, screen presence, and mannerisms. The story is pretty much the same as the first installment, and a few scenes will give us a Deja Vu feeling. The first half is a bit underwhelming, and a few aspects don’t look convincing. But the majority of the second half is filled with non-stop entertainment that works pretty well. There are hiccups, but the entertainment factor keeps the film going. Those who liked DJ Tillu will end up liking this sequel as well. Go for it.

123telugu.com Rating: 3.25/5

Reviewed by 123telugu Team

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