Vennela Kishore’s Chaari 111 – Fails to impress

  																				 Vennela Kishore’s Chaari 111 – Fails to impress

Release Date : March 01, 2024 Rating : 2.25/5

Starring: Vennela Kishore, Murali Sharma, Samyuktha Viswanathan

Director: TG Keerthi Kumar

Producer: Aditi Soni

Music Director: Simon K King

Cinematographer: Richard Kevin A

Editor: Kashish Grover

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Comedian Vennela Kishore turned the protagonist with the film Chaari 111. This is an espionage action comedy directed by TG Keerthi Kumar. The movie hit the screens today, and let’s see how it is.


The Chief Minister (Subhaleka Sudhakar) of then Andhra Pradesh asks Major Prasad Rao (Murali Sharma) to form a secret organization that doesn’t function by the rule book. The mission of the organization is to face any challenge that comes their way. A bomb blast happens in Hyderabad, and this sends shockwaves across the city. Prasad Rao approaches his secret agent, Chaari (Vennela Kishore), to capture the terrorist. What happened next is what Chaari 111 is about.

Plus Points:

Vennela Kishore is the heart and soul of this espionage comedy action drama. His comedy timing and mannerisms are utilized to the full extent possible. Particularly, a few silly scenes featuring Vennela Kishore were hilarious, leaving the hall howling with laughter.

Samyukta Vishwanathan did her part well and particularly, her action scenes are neatly choreographed. The actress performed the stunts convincingly and made her presence felt. Murali Sharma, Taagubothu Ramesh, and Satya are decent in their respective roles.

The first half offers good time pass with silly comedy, and the best thing is that the silly comedy actually works. The movie is fast-paced in the first hour, and the music by Simon K King is catchy.

Minus Points:

The biggest problem with Chaari 111 is its approach. When the movie doesn’t take itself seriously, it offers passable entertainment that is devoid of logics. But when the movie turns serious in the second half, it becomes boring. The makers should have perhaps gone ahead with the silly approach throughout the film.

The seriousness in the proceedings didn’t look authentic in the latter half. Again, the film turns silly over the end, and this uneven presentation style isn’t impressive. The flashback is overstretched, and it takes the majority of the screen time. The makers should stop the over usage of machine guns as it is becoming too repetitive.

The second half isn’t engaging and it is mainly because there is no entertainment. The movie suddenly starts stressing about the sacrifices made by the Indian soldiers. It doesn’t fit into the narrative as the first half was totally silly and hence we can’t connect to the emotion. The choice to showcase the flashback in an animated form looked different, but that doesn’t add much value to the film. A few might not connect with the witty comedy and they might feel it is over the top too.

Technical Aspects:

Simon K King’s peppy background score, and visuals by DOP Kashish Grover work in favor of the movie. The art direction team did a neat job in designing the “Rudranetra” set. The production values are neat. A few scenes should have been chopped off in the second half.

Director TG Keerthi Kumar did just an okay job with the movie. While the comedy scenes are enjoyable in the first half despite the lack of logic, the second half falls flat with boring flashback and impactless climax.


On the whole, Chaari 111 offers some passable comedy in the first half, but the movie turns uninteresting in the second half with a serious approach. The decision to have two different approaches for both halves didn’t work. The silly comedy succeeds to an extent, but when the movie turns serious, it doesn’t look authentic and brings down the overall impact. Vennela Kishore entertains with his quirky comedy and mannerisms but the film doesn’t impress completely. Rating: 2.25/5

Reviewed by 123telugu Team

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