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Smite 2 Unveiled: Standalone Sequel Announced At 2024 Smite World Championship



Smite 2

Developer Titan Forge Games has officially unveiled Smite 2, the highly anticipated sequel to the enduringly popular MOBA, during the opening ceremony of the Smite World Championship at Esports Arena in Dallas, Texas.

With the original game now entering its eleventh year, fans have eagerly awaited this sequel.

Smite, a third-person competitive multiplayer game where teams of five embody gods, mythical beings, or even pop culture icons like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles through crossover skins, engages players in intense battles to complete objectives and vanquish the opposing team’s Titan.

Smite 2 Player Base and Accessibility

Boasting an accessible playstyle, the game has amassed a player base of over forty million, with half enjoying the experience on consoles due to its controller-friendly design.

During a pre-recorded keynote, members of the Smite 2 design team shared their vision for a sequel that surpasses the original, describing it as “Smite, but better.”

In a prior press event, Titan Forge’s general manager, Travis Brown, expressed the team’s desire for Smite 2 to offer “more impact, more strategy, and more creativity.”

Reconstructed from the ground up using Unreal Engine 5.2, Smite 2 promises not only improved graphics but a more immersive gaming experience.

Visual Enhancements

Given that the game revolves around battles between classical gods from real-world mythology, creating a compelling power fantasy is essential.

Enhanced visual effects and intricate environmental details aim to reinforce the sense of divine power. According to art director Ben Knapp, “Smite 2 should just feel better.”

The keynote showcased several iconic gods from the original Smite, such as Ymir, Anubis, Kukulcan, Anhur, and fan-favorite Bellona. While some classic characters will remain unchanged, the team emphasized that others will receive new mechanics.

Ymir, for instance, was highlighted for his Ice Wall ability, which will now not only create a barrier but also knock players up and away if summoned beneath them.

Relics Replacement

Titan Forge has provided a sneak peek into the upcoming Smite 2, revealing that five new gods will be introduced at launch. The first of these gods is Hecate, a highly anticipated sorceress who specializes in ranged magic damage.

To make Smite 2 more accessible to new players without compromising its depth, the item system has undergone a significant rework. This allows for greater flexibility in crafting your build during a match, and theoretically, any god can now utilize any item.

Notably, Relics will no longer be a part of Smite 2. Instead, items in your inventory will have activated effects that serve a similar purpose.

While the original Smite will still be available even after the launch of Smite 2, Titan Forge has implemented systems to reward loyal players who transition to the sequel.

Achievements earned over the past decade in Smite will be recognized and translated into rewards, which can be tracked in Smite leading up to the release of Smite 2.

Furthermore, players will begin their Smite 2 journey with Legacy Gems, equivalent to the total number of gems they have purchased throughout their time in Smite.

These Legacy Gems can be used to cover up to half the cost of purchases in Smite 2, effectively granting players a fifty percent discount until their Legacy Gems are depleted.

Launch Details

Smite 2 is set to enter its early alpha phase in Spring of 2024 and will be available on PC, Steam Deck, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5. Crossplay functionality will be supported across all platforms.

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