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Netflix’s Squid Game Successor: 2024’s Perfect Replacement Revealed!



Netflix's Squid Game Successor 2024's Perfect Replacement Revealed!

The second season of Squid Game premieres in 2024, but Netflix’s got the perfect replacement in a new K-drama that comes out later this year.

It’s true that some of Netflix’s best K-dramas premiered before Squid Game, but its unprecedented success set the platform apart. There’s also Sweet Home, Crash Landing on You, and The Glory, which show how multifaceted Korean shows can be.

Netflix has some strong contenders for the next Squid Game, so any network would want to find it. Alice in Borderland, for instance, premiered before Squid Game, but is set to get a third season soon.

The zombie K-drama, All of Us, Are Dead became a hit for the streamer a few months after Squid Game. Netflix’s upcoming 2024 K-drama is shaping up to be the perfect Squid Game replacement.

The 8 Show Could Be Netflix’s New Squid Game

A K-drama based on the Money Game and Pie Game webtoons by Bae Jin-soo, The 8 Show is set to premiere on Netflix in the second quarter of 2024.

Eight people will compete for cash on a game show in the second quarter 2024. As the game goes on, participants win more money in an eight-store building. It’s tempting to play games and win money, but playing “8 Show” will be dangerous.

Squid Game is always in mind when people compete for money, but I have to point out that The 8 Show’s webtoon was first published in 2018.

Regardless, Squid Game already proved that exploring social dynamics and capitalism in a story about survival and greed can make for a great TV show, so I’m looking forward to The 8 Show. Audiences will surely be interested in a new K-drama exploring similar themes even though Squid Game returns in 2024.

Will Any Netflix Show Ever Match Squid Game’s Pop Culture Impact?

There’s no way Squid Game‘s first season will ever be the same as any other television show, whether it’s K-dramas, American shows, or productions from other countries.

There’s no guarantee Squid Game season 2 will even come close to its debut. Netflix produced or distributed many original Korean shows because of Squid Game.

Squid Game was a huge pop culture hit, from Halloween costumes to viral YouTube videos. It doesn’t mean other shows with similar premises can’t be as good or even better than Squid Game.

Known for movies like Face Reader and Emergency Declaration, Han Jae-rim is directing his first Netflix show with The 8 Show. The series’ source material has been great, and the cast is fantastic.

Ryu Jun-yeol, best known for Reply 1988, leads the cast of 8 Show, along with Chun Woo-hee, Park Jeong-min, and more. The 8 Show hasn’t been revealed much yet, but the first clip and official images suggest it might be the spiritual successor to Squid Game.

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