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Microsoft Offers Free Access To ChatGPT Plus — How to Get Yours?



ChatGPT Plus

Microsoft has discreetly enhanced its Copilot AI assistants by integrating OpenAI’s advanced language model GPT-4-Turbo. Formerly, this particular version of the model was exclusively accessible through a paid subscription to ChatGPT Plus, priced at $20 per month.

This updated version enables users to engage in more intricate inquiries and receive comprehensive responses.

Furthermore, Copilot is now accessible across the entire spectrum of Microsoft’s products and services, encompassing Windows 11, the 365 productivity suite, and a standalone application for both iOS and Android platforms.

How is ChatGPT-4-Turbo distinct from others?

GPT-4-Turbo stands out due to several key features. OpenAI is committed to continuously enhancing its language models, which are the foundation of AI products and services offered by both OpenAI and Microsoft.

GPT-4, the latest iteration, boasts an updated knowledge cutoff, surpassing its predecessors. It encompasses information up to April 2023, providing users with the most up-to-date data available.

Additionally, GPT-4-Turbo possesses a significantly larger memory capacity, with a context window of 128k, equivalent to approximately 300 pages of text.

Compared to the base GPT-4 model, which had a data cutoff of September 2021 and a context window of 32,000 tokens, GPT-4-Turbo offers a substantial improvement.

The previous model would forget information after approximately 100 pages of text, while GPT-4-Turbo retains a much larger amount of context.

Another notable enhancement in GPT-4-Turbo is its improved image analysis capabilities and significantly enhanced reasoning abilities. This translates to better performance in tasks that require precise adherence to instructions.

OpenAI has highlighted this improvement in a blog post, stating that “GPT-4 Turbo outperforms our previous models in tasks that demand meticulous instruction-following.”

As GPT-4-Turbo is gradually introduced to Copilot users with GPT-4 enabled, it brings forth these advancements, ensuring a more powerful and efficient AI experience.

What is the process for accessing GPT-4-Turbo in Copilot?

GPT-4-Turbo’s availability in Copilot has not been officially announced by Microsoft. However, in December, they did mention that the AI tool would receive regular upgrades.

A few users have observed that the model mentioned in the source code of the Copilot website shares the same name as the latest OpenAI LLM.

This transition has been taking place discreetly for Copilot users. It can only be accessed when GPT-4 is enabled, and the only way to confirm this, apart from inspecting the source code, is to check if it provides more current information.


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